Further Confusion 2009 part 1 - bidniss!

Things were pretty brisk at the table again this year! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi and/or purchase/commission something!

A few people bought Doemain books, asked when the next book would be out (spring/summer) asked what was next (comic books, also spring/summer), bought my first print ever, or one of the NeverNever of Moonpoker t-shirts still left.

By far, the biggest success at the table was the $2 beach bum badge. Your character rendered on "distressed cardboard in genuine Sharpie marker, and an all-natural jute twine lanyard." These were SO much fun to do and they looked really good on people who were decked out in Hawaiian shirts! One person commented that the torn edges and, in some cases, creases, reminded her of drift wood.

One of the common comments was, "These are so nice! Why are you only charging $2?"

Why, indeed! I made some 35 of these things!

Well, a little while back, when the stock market took a nose-dive into a pit of lava, I decided that this was likely going to be a rather light con in terms of what people would have available to spend. Airfare and hotel fees and food suck up a lot of money, and nothing sucks worse than going to a con and not being able to actually buy anything, because you don't know if your job will still be there when you get home (if you even got to the con WITH one, and yes, someone I know went to the con with a job, got pinged about cutbacks, asked if he would accept a huge cut in salary, and then was told be might be eliminated anyway. Holy. Crap.).

So, for the sake of those people, I wanted to make sure anyone could walk up to my table and, for just $2, walk away with something just for them.

Originally, the cardboard and Sharpie idea was based off of "Will Work For Food" signs and the notion of The Depression 2.0... "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime" badges. But then I realized that the look was very beach bum when paired, in my head, with a Hawaiian shirt, so that's what they became. People's characters, on the beach, doing various beach things. I even had 2 requests for pairs of badges that matched up with each other!

My queue was almost constantly full and by Sunday afternoon, I'd run out of cardboard and steam, i.e. pretty bleary-headed from the marker.

People really liked them and I had fun. Even at just $2 a badge, that makes worth it to me for a local con.

Btw, if anyone reading this got one, please post it here? In the excitement of it all, I completely forgot to take pictures of them with my phone!

It's a fisshul!

I'll be the 2009 artist Guest of Honor for Rocket City FurMeet! So! All you Southern types who don't get to see me at Anthrocon and Further Confusion on account of it being far and/or expensive, be aware that I'll be in your backyard this coming May. Your tulips have now been forewarned!

Be sure to check out their new hotel! It looks very swanky and you can't beat the amenities. Every night there's a manager's reception that includes free (as in beer) beer, wine, drinks, and hors'de'vors. Like it says on the RCFM site, what other con gives you free beer? If you're over 21, that is. This being said, please drink responsibly. It's a nice hotel, let's be nice guests, hmm? The guests rooms all sound really spiffy, as this is an Embassy Suites hotel. That's right, they're ALL suites! Sweeeet! Oversized living room and bedroom, fridge, microwave, 2 flat-screen tvs with movies... the works! For $109 a night!

Huntsville itself, if you haven't been there, also looks pretty interesting! I've been doing my homework to see if a sketching trip can be arranged and finding not only a dog park, a petting zoo, and a drive-thru safari (drive through the safari, not through the animals. This is not a MacD's for all you predator totems out there!), but also theatres, museums, and of course, shopping (antiques!) and restaurants. I'm thinking of coming down a bit early to take it all in.

So give some thought to coming to RCFM, while I give some thought as to what panels to do* there! Which reminds me... I'm way overdue on the figure drawing packets. Way.

*If you have a suggestion, post it here!
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Gifts? for me?

Seems that LJ doesn't send you a notice when someone has sent a virtual gift!

Thank yous to radbaron and kyaonias for the champagne, flowers, and hot chocolate! *chuckle!*

Furthermore, Thank you to everyone who's dropped a note here and through the Doemain website wishing me well and all that! Means a lot to here from you guys!

To answer a few questions:

Yes, there will be a book 3, which will contain all of the remaining strips after book 2. Not exactly sure when.
No, I have no plans for doing another web comic. Yet. If I came up with a good idea and a business plan, maybe.
No, please don't send me ideas. @:)
Nope. Not taking commissions. I'm still behind on Spontoon and the commissions I took this past spring.
Yes, I'll still be doing cons! FC and AC are my staples, and, in a surprise development, I might be going to RCFM.


Some thoughts on dipping my pen into politics.

It seems I've jabbed my pen into the last nerve of some people who are tenaciously clinging to fear. I wish there was something I could say to alleviate their fears that would actually convince them. But much like lipsticked pit bulls, nothing will cause them to let go of their fear and hate short of a bullet. No, that's not a threat. Not even a thinly veiled one, so don't even THINK of trying to read ANYTHING into that.

Interestingly, many of the negative responses are from people posting anonymously. I briefly thought about suspending anonymous posting here, but that's really not fair to the fans at large who simply don't have LJ accounts. I considered deleting posts from anonymous posters who went above and beyond simply disagreeing. Calling me "hon"? Really? Calling me selectively sexist? Asking me if I was "jealous", as if Palin being "pretty" has anything to do with it? Seriously? Like the republican party wasn't being sexist when they thought putting just any woman up for VP would get women's votes? Really? (They could have been more selective...jeeez...!)

As is typical with people who disagree with someone else's opinion or message, the sentiment seems to be, "We'll happily suck up your free content, as long as you keep posting pretty things and not get uppitty."

I'm afraid those types are going to be disappointed with me from time to time, and they'll post their diatribes anonymously or otherwise. They'll get more respect if they post with an account. Or, they'll just go away.

An election is a contest. There is someone who prevails, and someone does not. McCain still gets to go back to his Senatorial seat where he's now free from an entire party trying to control him on an international stage. That sounds like a win to me. Barack gets to deal with the rotting, duck poop.

I'd like to also state here that I am a registered Independent. I don't buy into any of the Us vs. Them mentality. It's self-destructive. I look at both sides equally and then choose. I'm sick of fear-mongering. I want transparency (check out the Obama/Biden webpage. All of you folks screaming about small business taxes and taxes on those making $150K or less, please go look at the "issues" section and see "taxes". Limbaugh has you misinformed.) I want the war over. I want the budget surplus back, and when it's back, I want new infrastructure, which creates new jobs here at home.

Yes, the market is still waffly, Mr. A. Duh. I don't think anyone thought this would be solved overnight. Or did you think that McCain getting in would? Give it some time.

Now, if I start to see political responses after my non-political posts, THOSE will be deleted. It's off-topic and it's rude. It's also not impeding on your freedom of speech, because you're perfectly free to take it and post it elsewhere.

Have a good one, everybody. I'm going to have my tea and watch Obama's first press conference.

Something else to note...

Yes, I feel bad for John McCain.

He was a moderate republican who got the nomination when the other guys beat the snot out of each other and turned out the be Very Poor Choices. Then, his own party looked at him and rubbed its collective hands together... And bulldozed him. In retrospect, I'm pretty sure he had very little to do with the choice of Palin as his running trophy.

Clearly, if the republican Party could do this to this man, they are far too dangerous to have in power for another 4 years. When you come down to it, it's not the man we voted down, it was the guys standing behind him.

I wonder what would have happened if he'd run in 2000? Or run this year under a third party ticket? Would his name have been enough to finally pull a third party into the process?

The world will never know.

And that's a real shame.

Anyway, let's all try to get along, ok?

So far, so good!


Still holding my breath on California Prop 8 and 9 (9 is victims' rights. Like the right to be notified if the convicted felon who terrorized you, whom you helped put in jail, is about to be let out. Why this is even close is mind-boggling.)
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